Nano Server - How to enable iSCISI Target, MPIO and File Services Roles

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Nano Server - How to enable iSCISI Target, MPIO and File Services Roles

On this example I’m going to be utilizing an existing Hyper-V Nano I have deployed via Nano Server Image builder  in the past. In order to get the iSCSI Target Services enabled you will need to install the File Server role and Other Storage components Package.

Step by step

On the Nano Server Image builder packages page, select File Server Role and other storage components.
After the Nano Server image is created and deployed then connect with your Server Manager Console.
After connecting to your Nano Server navigate to Server Manager,  All Servers then right click on your Nano Server and select Add Roles and Features.
On the Add Roles and Features Wizard select your Nano Server and Next.
On the Server Roles page, select File and iSCSI Service, File Server and Data Deduplication.
On Features page, select MPIO and Windows Standards-Based Storage Management. I selected them all as I’m going to be using them later.
Confirm the installation of the new Roles and click on Install
Restart your Nano Server and connect via Powershell and access the iSCSI cmdlets.

On the current  Powershell Session and type in Get-Command - Module iSCSI to list all the Cmdlets.
Now you can configure your iSCSI Target server and map your LUN’s.

Here’s some examples from the TechNet library More here.
New-IscsiTargetPortal -TargetPortalAddress testIscsi
#Conect to iSCSI target on your Nano Server.
$Tar = Get-IscsiTarget
Disconnect-IscsiTarget -NodeAddress $Tar.NodeAddress
Connect-IscsiTarget -NodeAddress $Tar.NodeAddress

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