Integrating Windows Admin Center (formerly Project Honolulu) with SquaredUp and SCOM 2016

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Integrating Windows Admin Center (formerly Project Honolulu) with SquaredUp and SCOM 2016

Hello, I'm glad I was part of the insiders program with MS and SquaredUp and worked on this fantastic project. I have worked with SCOM for many many years and this is a phenomenal advancement on monitoring and server management. The usage of this extension its quite powerful as you can manage, troubleshoot any system from your browser. This integration enables you to Map every app (VADA/ServiceMap) and discover any dependencies and make sure your IT world is monitored and understood from any level (hardware all the way down to applications).

Before you start

  • Make sure of the following items;
    • Admin Center installer
    • Shared folder from the SCOM server or any other file server
    • SquaredUP extension pack

Installing the new Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center installed.

Installing the SquaredUp Extension

Go to the extensions menu and configure the package URL from the Extension Manager workspace.
Once URL its configured install the SquaredUp extension and that will do it.

Utilizing the extension

Configure your SCOM/SquaredUp site URL.
Cluster view
Server View
Integration and current server details.
Service Map on the fly with VADA so you can discover what's interconnected with this system and what other applications could be affected.
That's it you have now deployed Admin Center and integrated with SquaredUp.
Please feel free to install your free copy and also getting the extension from the SquaredUp Team.

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