Configuring Auto-Shutdown on your Azure Virtual Machines

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Configuring Auto-Shutdown on your Azure Virtual Machines
The auto-shutdown feature is definitely one of those extremely helpful ones as it provides a simple interface to configure those VM's you might not want to pay the extra cost when they are not being used. Having a function like this will certainly reduce cost and help better manage your cloud infrastructure. This feature also allows you to enable notifications 15 minutes before the auto-shutdown will occur so you can postpone or even skip the Virtual Machine. See the step by step below on how you can get started with the Auto-shutdown feature.  

Step by Step

  1. On the Azure Portal go to your VM blade and select the Virtual Machine.

  1. Navigate to Schedule, select Auto-Shutdown under the Operations Section and click On to enable.

  1. Schedule Shutdown on the preferred Time and Time Zone.
  2. Send notification if needed and specify the email address.

  1. Review and then Save.
  2. This is the email that you will receive when the scheduled Auto-shutdown is about to take place.

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References: Microsoft Docs and Azure Portal

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