How to Virtualize System Center 2012 (SCCM) Configuration Manager Console with App-V 5.0 SP2

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Virtualizing the Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012 R2 Console with App-V 5.0

Prerequisites on the sequencer VM:
  • .NetFramework 3.5 and latest.
2015-09-19 16_07_35-Start

Step by Step
2015-09-19 16_09_58-Start
2015-09-19 16_10_07-Start
2015-09-19 16_10_28-Start
2015-09-19 16_10_44-Start
2015-09-19 16_10_54-Start
2015-09-19 16_26_40-Start
2015-09-19 16_26_50-Start
2015-09-19 16_27_04-Start
2015-09-19 16_27_18-Start
2015-09-19 16_27_30-Start
2015-09-19 16_27_42-Start
2015-09-19 16_30_20-Start
2015-09-19 16_30_30-Start
2015-09-19 16_30_43-Start
2015-09-19 16_30_50-Start
2015-09-19 16_30_58-Start
2015-09-19 16_31_25-Start
At this point you might stop now or customize, I will stop now and export the package to my publishing server.
Import the App to the App-V Management Server
2015-09-19 16_31_40-Start
2015-09-19 16_31_48-Start
  • Publish and not forget to configure the AD Groups to access the app.
2015-09-19 16_31_55-Start
That’s it, now your console is virtualized.
Let me know what are your thoughts, comment below.

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