Installing Operations Manager 2016 (SCOM 2016) on Windows Server and SQL 2016

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clip_image001 SCOM enables you to monitor the applications, networks devices, systems (Windows, Linux, etc.), Webpages and other components. Operators can gain rapid insight into the state of the environments and IT services running across different systems and workloads by delivering dashboards displaying their health and performance, through alerts generated, performance data, configuration details, and security issues. For more details on the new SCOM 2016 features please click here

Top SCOM 2016 Features for IT pros

  1. Maintenance Mode Scheduling (Finally the most needed feature is added into SCOM)
  2. Management Pack and Alert Management
    1. Tune Management Packs
    2. Updates and Recommendations
  3. OMS Integration
  4. Partner Solutions


Hyper-V VM with Windows Server 2016 TP5 Storage: SAN attached (120GB) RAM: 8GB

Required components

SCOM Features to be installed

Management Server Management Console Reporting Services ( Reporting services will be installed on a separate server in a future post) Web Monitoring Console

Step by Step Installation

clip_image002 clip_image003 clip_image004 clip_image005 clip_image006 clip_image007 clip_image008 clip_image009 clip_image010 clip_image011 clip_image012 clip_image013   Important: Make sure the service account you are using has local admin access to the servers you are trying to monitor.   clip_image014 clip_image015 clip_image016 clip_image017 clip_image018  

Maintenance Schedule finally! :)


Updates and Recommendations

OperationsManagementSuite (OMS) 
Partner Solutions

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