Integrating VMware vCenter ESX Hosts and Clusters with Virtual Machine Manager VMM

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Integrating VMware vCenter, ESX Hosts and Clusters with Virtual Machine Manager VMM

Virtual Machine Manager helps IT administrators to combine multiple products such as Hyper-V, VMware or Citrix in one administrative console. Having this type of integrations really helps your security, monitoring, and management. 

Step by Step

Go to your Virtual Machine Manager Console, Fabric workspace then Infrastructure.

On the Infrastructure folder expand and then right-click on the vCenter Server to add a resource. You could also click on Add resources and then VMware vCenter Server

Specify vCenter Server you would like to add

Import the certificate the monitor add job

Job progress


Under Fabric verify the vCenter Server is responding

Add VMware ESX Hosts and Clusters

Browse the Root or Admin account to your ESX server then Next.

Select VMware resources and Next.

Review your configuration and Finish to add your ESX Servers to VMM.

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